Grizzled veteran scout from Gunderland.


Grizzled veteran scout from Gunderland (H.C.), Who says I’m too old for this? (T), The army is my home, the field is my backyard [+2 aspects]

Careful +3
Clever +2
Sneaky +2
Forceful +1
Quick +1
Flashy +0

Refresh: 3


  • Never come ill-prepared: Because I never come ill-prepared once per session I may declare that I carry on me a small object that can help complete the mission, provided that its usefulness was foreseeable.

[May choose 2 other aspects and take 2 more stunts without reducing refresh.]


Bracchus is an old veteran scout of the Aquilonian army, well in his forties. He has survived countless border campaigns, and has lost many companions and friends. He keeps doing his job by want of knowing how to do anything else, but his years campaigning have left him with a grim outlook on the military ambitions of Aquilonia, and in particular the politics behind them.


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