Crush Your Enemies

Crush Your Ennemies: Tales of the Bloody Spear
Starting over

Conan and Garbrogh have resumed their adventures.

The Great Assembly of the Clans of Cimmeria cannot yet gather, because of an outstanding conflict between the three Bulls . Conan has had no small part in the feud, having killed Ea, the younger brother of Aell, the chieftain of the Hoath Bulls clan. Aell has agreed to settle the dispute between the three bulls, on the condition that Conan be the champion of the Bronze Bulls Clan.

The Galla have stepped in, In an effort to prepare Conan to his upcoming fight against Aell. Their reasons are unclear.

CYE: "Shadows Over Venarium" just started... with a bang!


Volmaro of Culario and Bracchus (of nowhere in particular) arrive at the fort-town of Venarium, where they have been assigned, as reinforcement to the legion of General Andratius. Only half of the legion, which comprises 1.000 men, is stationed at Venarium, but most of the men are currently in maneuver. Those stationed in the camp seems to enjoy an almost civilian life. After having acquainted themselves with the military camp, they visit the common house of the settlement, where they are to spend the night. But in the middle of the night, a granary explodes.


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