The Horde that Swarmed over the Walls

“[T]he Gundermen tried to push the border northward, years ago. They tried to colonize the southern marches of Cimmeria: destroyed a few small clans, built a fort-town, Venarium — you’ve heard the tale.”

“So I have indeed,” replied Balthus, wincing. The memory of that red disaster was a black blot in the chronicles of a proud and warlike people. “My uncle was at Venarium when the Cimmerians swarmed over the walls. He was one of the few who escaped that slaughter. I’ve heard him tell the tale, many a time. The barbarians swept out of the hills in a ravening horde, without warning, and stormed Venarium with such fury none could stand before them. Men, women, and children were butchered. Venarium was reduced to a mass of charred ruins, as it is to this day. The Aquilonians were driven back across the marches, and have never since tried to colonize the Cimmerian country. But you speak of Venarium familiarly. Perhaps you were there?”

“I was,” grunted the other. “I was one of the horde that swarmed over the walls. I hadn’t yet seen fifteen snows, but already my name was repeated about the council fires.”

R.E. Howard, Beyond the Black River

Crush Your Enemies is the tale of the events that precede the Fall of Venarium, the fourteen’s year in the life of Conan the Cimmerian.

The campaigns has two arcs:

  1. Tales of the Bloody Spear center around young Conan’s travels across Cimmeria, and the quest to unite the clans against the Aquilonians invaders.;
  2. Shadows over Venarium centered around the actions of two Aquilonian soldiers, who investigate suspicious events taking place in the fort-town of Venarium.

Crush Your Enemies: Tales of the Bloody Spear has been running since 2013, but the games prior to July, 2016 have not been documented.

Crush Your Enemise: Shadows over Venarium started on August 27, 2015, but has been on hiatus for about a year.

It is expected that the two story-lines will eventually converge…

The summary of story-lines is a work in progress. “Old” storylines (prior to August 2015) will be added and updated when time is available to do so.

Crush Your Enemies

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